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EchtFit is something completely new. It goes way beyond just exercise. It’s a platform with real and virtual coaches that will motivate your training, sleeping and eating.

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EchtFit’s database is filled with exercises based on real, live movement across several disciplines like weightlifting, gymnastics other types of motion, all captured with absolute precision in real time. This is something far beyond just showing you a video or animation. It’s dead accurate. And it even gets better. You can order your own easy-to-use sensor and compare your movements with those in our database. This is how our trainers can coach you better - even from an app. It’s personal training 2.0, and will revolutionize the way people get fit.

But that’s not all! Our head coach Danijel Lizačić not only knows a thing or two about movement mechanics, he’s basically a walking and talking fitness encyclopedia. And he is putting all of that knowledge to paper. Well, digital paper that is. Read, learn and get better.

Best of all, EchtFit takes your entire lifestyle into consideration. Just as important as exercise is your diet and sleep. To this end, the app offers a food tracker to track your calories exactly, and even a way to analyze your sleep quality. Getting hyped already? We know how you feel. We feel it too.

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App previews

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